Online and Live

We love to surprise and share our passion with you; getting the best out of individual people, using the dynamics of the team. Connection, exploration and discovery are the key elements we work with.

Of course we don’t have all the answers and that’s not the point we are trying to make. The process of learning with, through and from each other, is what we focus on. Impactful insights arise in the sharing between people and learning from each others’ experiences. Making space and creating time to do this, is what we tend to forget in the rush of life.

But just having an impactful insight is not enough. Once we return to our daily lives, it fades. We struggle to integrate what we learned and what impacted us so deeply into our work and life. Our expertise is in how to transform insights into practical and sustainable actions, that will impact your future in a lasting way.



  • Brain based teamwork; get more done together.
  • How to learn from professional sports; the power of the team and how it can enhance your individual development.
  • Prevent burn-out! Discover the hidden strength of work when life hits you hard. Know oneself and choose your own path.
  • Coaching 2.0; how to build trust through goal setting and focus monitoring
  • Meeting of minds, getting things done through truthful talks
  • Working Hybrid; Experience based learing
  • How to create the fragile balance between manager, colleagues and a sick empoyer