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Working effectively in teams/collaboration in teams deserves a new incentive. We truly believe in personal and individual leadership development, bùt always within the fertile context of team spirit. Research shows that dynamics  within a team, open up the great possibility of learning from each other.  And that has meaning, impact and inspires us to strive for higher levels of achievement. In our approach, the true value and potential of every individual gets to blossom through the joint efforts and power of team dynamics.

You might assume that ‘going it alone’/getting things done on your own makes you go faster. But by making full use of the potential in your team, you are more powerful as an  individual and eventually, it will take you and those around you further.


Taking into account the vast complexity of the world we live in, we work from one basic premise: we all have a brain. Understanding the underlying dynamics and basic knowledge of how our brain works in daily life, gives clarity and important insights in how to translate this knowledge into practise.

It makes all the difference! Instead of feeling confusion, uncertainty and maybe even lost, you gain inspiration, awareness and clarity to deal with the VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) world we have to deal with every day.

We work with three fundamental ways of learning in the following, specific order:
1. Knowledge
2. Insight
3. Learning by doing

Knowledge gives you the power of awareness.
Insight gives the energy to want to do something with.
And finally: actually doing it gives you the personal proof of what works for you.

Knowing how to let your brain work for you, makes all the difference. Once you know how, you can't go back.

Context and Connection

Our brains are at their best when interacting with the world around us. We are constantly scanning our environment looking for usefull information, or people to make sure we are safe and sound. We need to understand what we're dealing with, so we can adapt. So connecting to the world around us and the people in it, is crucial for us as human beings. But just connecting is not enough. We are constantly looking for meaning in what is happening to us, whether big or small. Basically what we want are meaningful interactions. We want to feel included, we want to participate, do our part and we want people to see and value what we do.

Organisations are dealing with enormous challenges - ones we haven't seen before - that require new ways of thinking and doing things. We cannot automatically and only rely on our intincts, or knowledge of the past. We have to devise new ways of doing things and we need each other to do it. Its a process, an exploration into new territories. Finding your way in to these changes, can be challenging and needs guidance and support. We guide and support you through connecting, discovering and creating together a context that will naturally result in success.

Growth and Development

The urge to explore, to grow and to develop is innate. We are born with it. And we need each other to do it. Without support and guidance from our parents, teachers, leaders and peers, we find it harder to engage with the world around us. Without all of this we would not have survived as a species, so let’s take it serious. To grow and develop we need energy, motivation and curiosity. And a solid foundation of confidence and personality to grow from. Because everyone has the right to be happy in life, satisfied at work and progress towards a desired goal. We believe that every human being is capable, with the right support and guidance, to grow and to thrive. There are no guarantees for anyone, but we can create and capitalize on opportunities and embrace challenges that come our way.

Safety and Reliability

One of the most fundamental conditions to be able to be succesful is trust and this is therefore the foundation of our logo. Where there are safe and sound surroundings, there is trust. Trust creates space in peoples’ minds. Space to create, to thrive, to explore and to innovate. Always within clear boundaries and with a passionate vision, because when the playing field is clear and the objective is worth ‘fighting’ for, chances are that success is the natural and obvious outcome.

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