Brainconcept: The power of your brain and your team

A concept of using individual strength for collective success

We discovered how people can grow exponentially, despite setbacks in their work and personal lives, through experiential learning. We call it ‘successfull living’.

We use scientifically based research and believe we can and should use this knowledge to our mutual advantage. Therefore, we transform all relevant and current neuroscience to a clear and easy to apply concept, that any organisation can put into practise. This is because we believe that the answer to complex situations, is closer than you might think; all you need is a clear perspective on it.

And that’s where we step in. We support you in developing a clear perspective. 

Brainconcept offers a mind-changing approach, that supports you in connecting all the dots, so you can grow in a way that’s more satisfying, generates energy and in a direction you want to go. Our concept works from a deep rooted foundation in yourself and in strong connection with the world you live in. We believe your unique qualities will unfold in surroundings that are stimulating and safe to learn and grow, in whatever challenges you might encounter. 

‘It’s all in our logo’

Life starts with a small seed being planted in fertile ground. To be able to grow, it needs input from outside. And that’s how it is for us humans too. Growth starts with the input we get from the outside world. What we experience interacts with our inner self, which creates this amazing infusion that becomes your thinking and behavior. You have learned to grow and deal with both small and large challenges throughout your life and most of it was completely automatic. Human behaviour is conditioned and for a large part, it’s unconscious. However, we also need our conscious and rational brain to become aware of our conditioning.

And the good news is, we can condition our awareness too! This very human part of the brain is capable of interacting with and interrupting our undesired automatic conditioning, to help us get a clear and broader perspective on any matter at hand. Awareness of how the human brain works, even more specific, how your brain works, is vital in directing the growth into the direction you want. 


We are social beings. In order to survive, we work together because it gives us a much better chance to live. We need each other. It’s not just a theory, it’s the basic condition for success. Working together makes us more creative, gives us more satisfaction and provides us with a structure of values that become imbedded in our personalities. It helps us to manifest our innate qualities more fully. We have more courage to explore and we try things out more confidently, if we know someone has our back. Our urge to explore has made us humans grow extensively. Research shows that the act of exploring and playing is the most effective way to learn, (“Play is the highest form of research” Albert Einstein).

But even importantly, we love to work together...

most of the time…..

Because as we all probably know, we are also our own worst enemy. Working together successfully is not a given, we need to work at it. And the thing we need to work at, is creating an environment that is safe and reliable, knowing somebody is there to guide and support us.

At Brainconcept we have witnessed and experienced this dynamic personally, over and over again in sports. And this is what we want to bring into the world of business. 

Being in charge

It’s great to get a better understanding and awareness of the dynamics described above, but you might ask yourself; how can you become in charge of my life and work?

We want to share our discoveries with you - why invent the wheel all over again, when you can benefit from ‘lessons learned’ and people who have researched and dedicated their lives to translating valued ‘know how’ into clear building blocks?